Frank Pick and the London Underground Discussion

This week’s discussion for Unit 5 was about Frank Pick and the London Underground and to start the session off, I sat through a short presentation given by a student from my class who had researched the topic before to prepare for this discussion. The presentation included basic research such as the time, who done […]

Swiss Style Typography Discussion

This week’s discussion for Unit 5 was about Swiss Style Typography and Jan Tschichold. We sat through a short presentation given by a student in my class, who had researched the subject ready for this discussion. Whilst watching the presentation with the clips, I took notes which are below: It was developed by Jan Tschichold […]

Push Pin Studios Discussion

This week’s discussion for Unit 5 was based around the “Push Pin Studios”. We sat through a short presentation given by a classmate,  she told us briefly, about what push pin do etc and showed us some youtube videos to su everything up. Below are the video clips she chose to show: After watching all […]

Propaganda Discussion

This weeks discussion for Unit 5 was based on Propaganda. A student from my class had the responsibility to tell us about this topic and teach us what they knew about propaganda and how graphic design influenced the method to work and make it successful. During the presentation we go told a bit about the background of propaganda and […]

Evaluation of the Website

For this project, I have been asked to design the layout of a website, and set it up using Dreamweaver. The website had to include my portfolio work from previous projects and it should give off my own personality. The target audience for my website would be the viewers who could possibly offer me jobs […]

Editing text in Dreamweaver

Before doing anything in Dreamweaver it is important that you put all of your text into a word document so that you can spell check it, as Dreamweaver wont do that. You can now get your site open in Dream Weaver. You first need to select the div tag that you want to add text […]

Dreamweaver – Editing links

Firstly,  select the link you want to change and highlight it. You need to create a new CSS rule by making an “A” tag. Then go on your CSS page on your DreamWeaver and  copy and paste that CSS rule four times, this will be so you can have different appearences for each link. For example: if […]

The Main Influences on the work of Neville Brody – ESSAY

      Neville Brody Neville Brody was born in Southgate, in London on 23rd April 1957. For his education, he had attended Michenden school and studied A Level Art, as you can tell, he had started his artistic route quite young. In 1975 Neville Brody went on to do a 3 years course in a […]