Dreamweaver – Editing links

Firstly,  select the link you want to change and highlight it. You need to create a new CSS rule by making an “A” tag. Then go on your CSS page on your DreamWeaver and  copy and paste that CSS rule four times, this will be so you can have different appearences for each link. For example: if you clicked the link it would turn into what colour, typeface or size and if you have viewed the page what colour or appearence should it have. Google have blue links and once you have viewed the page, it turns purple. They have done this using the same formula as this with the CSS rule. You can now change each of the “A” tags headings to the following:

a:link – this changes the general appearance of the link.

a:visited – this changes the appearance when you’ve already been on the link.

a:hover – this changes the appearance when you hover the mouse over the link.

a:active – this changes the appearance when your using that link.

You can then edit the colour, typeface and sizing of the type to what ever you want and what looks best for your type of website. Make sure that they are in that order on your CSS file otherwise it wont work properly.


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